Our Products


Steel Frames
Steel Door Frames are the first component of the “Door Package” contract we supply to building sites for installation by your wall contractor. Steel door frames can be supplied in a large number of different profiles to suit the specified door and wall types being used on the project. Steel Frames can be supplied as fire rated or non rated and come complete with hardware cutout preparations to suit the specified hardware being used.


Fire Doors
Fire Doors with the specified fire rating, size and finish are delivered to site to suit to the construction program. All fire rated doors are manufactured to the Australian Standards and once the fire rated DOORSET is fully functional, we will tag and certify the fire rated DOORSETS as required by local Councils.


Non-rated Doors
Non rated doors are available in a variety of types, including Solid Core and Hollow Core type construction. These can be supplied for paint or polish finish as well as with other special finishes. Special purpose DOORSETS,  like acoustic, sound resistant and X Ray type DOORSETS are also available as are many other types of specialsed doors.


One of the things that sets Cemac apart from the rest, is that we directly stock, supply and manage the door hardware for the projects we are involved in. We have experienced hardware staff that specialise in not only supplying the specified door hardware but ensuring the specified functionality and keying requirements are met.


To ensure works on site are completed in a tradesmanship like manner and at a time to suit the site program, we can arrange specialised teams of DOOR INSTALLERS to install the doors and fit the hardware.