Our Services


  page3-img6  The Cemac team consists of staff that have been in the doors and hardware industry for decades. Our professional team will assist and advise you throughout the various stages of your project. We have the expertise on how best to implement the doors and hardware part of your project from the design stage to project completion. It’s beneficial to get Cemac involved early in your project to get things done right from the onset.

Project Managent

  page3-img3  Our team of project managers have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the frames, doors and hardware sector. Cemac will ‘Project Manage’ the supply and delivery of your frames, doors and hardware to suit your program. Cemac will also ensure the installation works are completed in a tradesmanship manner and to program. The Cemac Project Manager allocated to your project will become your single point of contact throughout the project greatly reducing your administration time which would otherwise be required.


  page3-img5  By combining all items making up a DOORSET (frames, doors & hardware) into a single ‘Door Package’ contract with Cemac, you will ensure your  time and effort to administer this part of your project is greatly reduced. You will also ensure that all product items associated with the DOORSETS are compatible with each other, comply with the standards and have the correct functionality.